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We all have pictures of the many events and gatherings at HPASS.

Send any you wish to share and we will happily add them here.

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Photo Gallery

HPASS Halloween 2019

HPASS Christmas 2018

HPASS Halloween 2018

HPASS Easter 2018

HPASS Christmas 2017

HPASS Halloween 2017

HPASS Christmas 2016

Halloween 2016

2nd Last Day Of School - Ice Cream Truck Surprise

Valentine's 2016 & Cooking Class

HPASS Christmas 2015 

 Halloween 2015

December 2014

Halloween 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas Day Craft

Drumming with Kevork Guerguerian of Hands of Rhythm

HPASS-AGBU sports tournament Nov 30-2013

Halloween 2013

Sept 21st Armenian Independence at HPASS With Frozen Yogurt Treat for All

Sept 21st HPASS Volleyball Team Practices for Ages 8 and up

Valentines Day 2013

Meecheenk (Mid-Lenten) Celebration March 2013

Halloween 2012

Armenian Independence Day Celebration

General Pictures